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Fri 22 Jul 19:30 PM
Web, HAAL & Kyoto Kyoto

Time to get experimentally Noisy at 93.

As part of a short UK tour we welcome WEB, KYOTO KYOTO and HAAL

A WEB show is by far the most fun you can have at a music venue in 2022. Half stadium-doom-grunge, half stand-up comedy routine, the Portsmouth three-piece are setting new standards for songwriting and performance alike; and the scene is taking notice following a string of sold-out shows across London and the south coast. Musically, they combine the intensity of black midi, the atmosphere of Slint and the harmonic richness of Nirvana. But Web never begrudges their audience the opportunity to dance, interspersing the most satisfying grooves and beats at every opportunity, without ever compromising their edge. With KYOTO KYOTO – It’s a cerebral rush listening to Kyoto Kyoto. The London trio often feel like they’re an examiner testing your musical vocabulary; challenging your knowledge of experimental rock, European folk, and jazz; and forcing you to focus intently. While at times the changes may seem left field and the fusions unexpected, the end result is undoubtedly an impressive collection from what is still a very young band. (Hard of Hearing Music). Echoing and building upon the crunchy, highly dynamic post-rock sounds of the late ’90s and early ’00s, HAAL is a project where the triphop, industrial and electronica music of the same era culminates. This is fed within samples, DIY pedals, and synths to create motorik rhythm, hypnotic riffs with sudden explosions of noise and power.

ID required on entry: 19+

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