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Fri 19 Aug 20:00 PM
HOT VOX Presents: Redhanded // The Here and Now // GHOST ARCADIA // CAN’T STOP TALKING
HOT VOX brings you a fully fledged night of entertainment with a whole host of live bands, followed by a full club night, topped off with a charming courtyard too. The place will be overflowing with music from start to finish!


Redhanded are a four-piece British alternative hard rock band from London in the United Kingdom. Having managed to harness the classic sound of an era all whilst injecting their own unique and inviting twist. Delivering gritty Rock N Roll at its finest, Redhanded showcases high energy, electrifying guitar solos all drenched with poetic yet moody lyricism. Drawing on the influences of classic rock, grunge and progressive metal, the band have established their own interpretation of modern rock which is fresh and authentic.
Redhanded’s debut album ‘Retrograde’ was released on 22nd April 2022. Follow them on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch.
The Here and Now are a London-based alternative rock trio. Armed with a repetoire of original tracks with head bopping guitar grooves, energetic drum beats and powerful vocal melodies the band have big ambitions to hit the post-lockdown live scene hard from 2022 to showcase their thoughtful lyrics and catchy songs for all those who’ve supported them so far and new audiences. 
‘Take Me As I Am’ is the 2nd release from The Here and Now’s upcoming EP – “The Here and Now have something to say, and they’ve come out the gate swinging. Gutting lyrics against gritty riffs and gutsy grooves make for their recent release of the anthemic Take Me As I Am” (Your Music Experience, 2022). Full review here
Ghost Arcadia are a heavy alternative-rock band based in London, UK. 
Known for their musical diversity and unique style, their range of influences (both collectively and individually) push them to write depending on the moment while not letting the constraints of a single genre define them.
Their debut single ‘Midnight’ first gained them traction in 2019, airing on multiple radio stations across the UK. This was swiftly followed by their debut EP ’Libero’, with the lead single ‘Glory’ being hailed as “Monumental” by the BBC’s Adam Walton.
Over the last two years of global standstill, the boys have been busy writing and defining their genre bending sound, and have recently finished recording their latest single ‘Never Break’ with Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon, ‘That’s The Spirit’) at The Motor Museum in Liverpool. Never Break encompasses everything the band strives for in its sound and energy – the end point of a collision course between genres, rooted in heavy rock. 
London-based four-piece that just won’t shut up.
DEALS: NHS staff and Music students (ACM, BIMM and ICMP) receive Early Bird Ticket price on the door. Valid photo ID is required and entry is subject to capacity
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