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Fri 20 May 20:00 PM
HOT VOX Presents: Outland // 10 Gauge // Apollo Bleu // Flora’s Bar and Grill
HOT VOX brings you a fully fledged night of entertainment with a whole host of live bands, followed by a full club night, topped off with a charming courtyard too. The place will be overflowing with music from start to finish!
Outland are an Award Winning rock trio from East London blending the genres of rock, Funk & punk to create and eclectic blend of music.
10 Gauge
10 GAUGE believe in making broad-shouldered, hard-wearing, durable rock. They put on a show and they create strapping-great sounds filled with power and melodic perception.
The five-piece create some powerful ballads and scandalously addictive adrenaline pumps of testosterock. Their hard-rock/alt-rock numbers, often reminiscent of Maiden-cum-Metallica, have brute force and unbridled energy. It’s as if the band possesses unlimited potential.
10 Gauge take the rock sound of early ’90s and give it a contemporary twist. With punchy vocals that hit you straight in the gut and flowing riffs creating ripper tracks with earworm choruses that really stick in your head.
Apollo Bleu
We are an up and coming four piece Rock/indie band from south east London / dartford.
Dan on the drums ( who is also a magician) jack on the lead guitar (he is a wizard) and Megan on the bass who adds beautiful harmonies and yours truly Liam lead singer and Rythm guitarist.
Expect some darkness sprinkled with adhd and riffs that will send you wild.
Let us rock n roll your world and share the love of wonderful music
From the coals and into the deep frier, this troupe takes you on their harrowing emotional journey with the bare truth and trauma you deal with being a modern female trying to deal with living in London, or anywhere for that matter! Chaotic and cathartic!
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