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Fri 19 Jan 20:00 PM
HOT VOX Presents:  Jam Merchants // PIEN // AARON OLIVER // Zak Gregory and The Talent
Get ready to hit the weekend running at the famous Brick Lane venue 93 Feet East. HOT VOX brings you a fully-fledged night of entertainment with a whole host of live bands, followed by a full club night, topped off with a charming courtyard too. The place will be overflowing with music from start to finish!
Jam Merchants are a British rock duo, consisting of two brothers Sam and Joe Ing. Their fat guitar tone and fast-paced drums combine to create huge riffs, it’s sometimes hard to imagine there are only two of them.
Despite playing together since they were kids, Jam Merchants wasn’t formed until 2022, when they burst onto the scene with their first single ‘RENT FREE’, which was written, recorded and produced exclusively by the two brothers.
The songs often outline relatable situations and accompanying negative emotions young people face, characterised by catchy and chantable choruses offering catharsis. As a result their live shows are rowdy and brimmed with energy.
PIEN is a Dutch singer-songwriter, 25 years old form West London.
In her music, you can find every inch of her soul. She’s an authentic performer with open and honest, sometimes confronting, lyrics and catchy melodies. Her music is part of the dream-pop genre with influences from other music genres like americana/country and indie-pop/rock.
At 20, Essex-born Aaron Oliver emerges as a soulful indie sensation, his music transcending genres. Raised in Essex’s vibrant music scene, his passion for indie music ignited early, shaping a unique journey. His signature sound blends heartfelt lyrics with melodic instrumentation, resonating deeply with listeners. Through introspective songwriting, Aaron explores life’s complexities, fostering a genuine connection with his audience. Dedicated to his craft, he wields a guitar and an authentic voice, positioning himself at the forefront of the indie music scene. With global aspirations, Aaron Oliver is poised to leave an indelible mark on music enthusiasts worldwide.

Zak Gregory and The Talent
Zak Gregory is a songwriter-singer based in London. His second album ‘Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night.’ An album nearly 6 years in the making, his latest project. He has looked to develop his sound with help from drummer and producer Jonny Edwards and talented musician and lead guitarist Ben Steer, who make up some of his band, ‘The Talent.’ Also in the band are bassist Pippa Rees, rhythm guitarist Drew Rafton and backing vocalists Rosa Bishenden Moon and Millie Wilkie. Together, they bring this developed sound to the live scene, taking it from typical acoustic singer-songwriter, to what Jonny dubbed ‘Arena Dad Rock’, with inspiration from the vast fields of country and folk music.
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