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Fri 05 Aug 20:00 PM
93LIVE Presents: PREGOBLIN / Oslo Twins / Sancho Panza / Minor Conflict

PREGOBLIN is a collaboration between Alex Sebley and Jessica winter. Prior to PREGOBLIN Alex was a member of The Saudis alongside Lias and Nathan (The Fat white Family ) and Jessica is a producer/writer and has worked with members of Gorillaz, FWF and Dinosaur Pile-Up. According to Fat White Family ‘Alex Sebley and Jess Winter of PREGOBLIN are the most under-appreciated song writing partnership of our era. That being said I’ve always been of the opinion that fame might actually kill Alex, and I love him more than words, so please don’t go see this band”….We think maybe you should risk it?

Despite the intriguing name, Bristol’s OSLO TWINS are in fact a quartet who make a dream pop, 4AD meets Bristol beats sound and have been causing quite stir on the London circuit too,

After recently releasing their debut self titled album and featuring on Radio 1’s future sounds SANCHO PANZA have added some funk to the psych and continue to float on a summer breeze.

ShhH! Bristol have a secret trio called MINOR CONFLICT that weave harp, bass, drums, trumpet, synth and vocals like an inner city dream.

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