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Thu 18 Aug 20:00 PM

Formed in London by Alex Barty-King, the new melodic psych-rock project DAAY brings together five musicians from Lebanon and France. Sighting their influences as psychedelic jazz, dreamy mellow pop, and indie rock, the band have some serious groove, with powerful jazz parts, tropical-like drums and a unique blend of rock/pop song writing.
Skittish Art-Rock newcomers

BOLLARDS serve UP a refreshing slice of dungeon Disco. The London four-piece’s spirited offering is an experimental blend of sparse Disco synths, oblique riffs and roomy radio-mic vocals. It conjures images of mindlessly roaming, endless back streets at dusk; the uplifting cadence bouncing with you as you walk. Taking inspiration from Deerhoof, The Fall and the jerky riffs of XTC.

C TURTLE is a London based lo-fi band originally formed by Cole Flynn-Quirke as a solo project. Now a four piece that create a pure amalgamation of considered sonic noise with tender lyrics

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