Thu 07 Sep 12:40 PM
Just Jam b2b Aladdin B2b Jack Ling | Beeyou | 93 Feet East | PoweredbyREC.
Live Room

Back in July, we met some new friends in Beeyou Records who invited us down to capture a celebratory moment in their hometown of London. The party was one of their seminal shindigs, a birthday party crossing from 93 Feet East to Village Underground over 14 hours, featuring a savagely infectious mix of synchronicity at the hands of 14 residents, extended family and some extra special guests. This Thursday, we go live with a peek inside how the team manifest the magic, as Just Jam, Aladdin & Jack Ling close out 93 in the height of their playful summer antics with a skyline of 600 buzzy beings reuniting at the hive. Thursday 7PM, only on REC.

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