Thu 25 Jan 13:00 PM
Women Life Freedom – ‘R.O.T.O.N ‘ In Brick Ln, with special guest Shirin Amani Azari

WOMEN – LIFE – FREEDOM – R.O.T.N ‘ Resurrection Of The Nebula’ Thursday 25/01/2024 We are thrilled and honoured to introduce our first-ever ROTN – Women Life Freedom, a series of transformative events that bring together a collective convergence of strong female and non-binary artists, performers, scholars, and visionary thinkers. This not-for-profit event donates any proceeds to the making of an art film on the woman, life, and freedom for ‘The Resurrection Of The Nebula,’ a short film that encapsulates the symbolic tapestry of ancient Persia while narrating the struggle and survival of Iranian women. It serves as a beacon of hope to empower women worldwide, created by Sahara Dawn, a Persian creative force, and visionary who is the founder of a multifaceted platform. With a background in music, visual art, and film production, Sahara brings a distinctive and dynamic perspective to her role as a creative entrepreneur. Her diverse talents extend beyond creativity; actively contributing to raising awareness and bringing healing to trauma survivors through her art, music, and entertainment, she utilizes her skills to advocate for the well-being of trauma survivors Full Artists Info is on R.T.O.N Promo links below.

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